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Meet The Team at The International Solutions for Growth Group

Chelsi Burnett,  Consultant

Chelsi Burnett is the Marketing and Communication Specialist for the ISG Group. Ms. Burnett is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to build brand recognition through social media management and ongoing marketing campaigns, as well as providing marketing insights, reporting, and sales support.


Prior to joining The ISG Group, Ms. Burnett worked as Manager of Data Analysis, Sales Support, and Social Media Manager for an Educational Technology company.


Chelsi’s passion for building brand awareness through technology and collaborative teams has allowed her to produce customized strategizesto grow organizations, educate, and guide customers to achieve their desired outcomes.

Chelsi was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Southern University and A&M College. After pursuing her degree, Chelsi served as the Information Management Coordinator for Independent Living Inc., supporting the organization’s mission to increase opportunities for persons with disabilities to contribute to their communities.   She provided mentorship and insights to team members in the areas of building connections through the use of technology. Following her time at ILI, Chelsi went on to continue her passion for assisting organizations to grow and reach their full potential. Chelsi enjoys traveling the world, listening to live music, sports, and spending time with family and friends.

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