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Executive Coaching

This is one of our most sought after services in Educational and Corporate settings.  We believe that coaching is a powerful tool which can be used to help identify and overcome obstacles, and develop as a leader.  Whether you are looking to grow in your current career, or change industries, we assist in establishing an authentic leadership style, establishing focus and purpose. Determining current performance, and understanding how each leader is perceived by others allows for an honest, actionable assessment to help them achieve their leadership potential.

ISG Group Services

Services Include (but are not limited to):


  • Redefining effective team building and staff development


  • Setting short-term and long-term goals


  • Unlocking growth potential


  • Transformational Leadership


  • Identifying an effective life work balance


  • Improving effective communication to all stakeholders


  • Identifying leader specific distinctive capabilities and value


  • Discover time-saving tools for everyday tasks

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