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School Turnaround & Improvement 

At ISG we understand that a School Improvement Plan is not enough, you need a well thought out and developed strategy. When we consult with school leaders, we often urge them to allot the proper amount of time so that they can identify a clear vision and goals, figure out what obstacles they are likely to face, and what type of support they will need to ensure that the plan is done with fidelity. Many schools and districts cite a clear mission, and a relentless focus on increasing student achievement as their number one reason for success.

Services Include (but are not limited to):

  • Creating systems to regularly and frequently monitor student learning

  • Developing processes to allot adequate time for purposeful collaboration; reviewing student data and sharing best practices around impactful classroom strategies 

  • Creating time in the schedule for staff’s continuous development and learning

  • Creating or supporting structures and routines that support a school-wide response to intervention to more effectively support students who struggle

  • Transformational Leadership: Inspiring Innovative Change Within the school

  • Developing structures that support a school-wide response for systems

  • Providing school leaders and leadership teams the support they need to refine and implement best practices

  • Understating how to set the tone for a great year 

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