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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

What is diversity, equity, and inclusion training?


This area of training can take many names. You might know it as diversity and inclusion training, cultural sensitivity training, or implicit bias training. Regardless of how it is identified within any organization, the intent for all diversity training initiatives should be to address the differences that we face as humans so we can work together to understand, accept, and value the differences between all people.


One of the most important measures of success for any DE & I initiative, is to determine in advance what “best practices” look like and identify shared metrics for measuring progress. It is important to realize that implementing effective DE & I strategies, is an evolving practice that requires some flexibility, iteration, and assessment.


Diversity and inclusion training should not be limited to a one-day training session. It should be a cultural practice within the organization, supported through each employee, policies, and culture. Organizations should use DE & I training as a tool to provide an authentic environment of belonging and opportunity for every employee and stakeholder.


Here is how The ISG Group will assist and guide your organization in addressing any DE & I issue your organization may be having:


  • Helping to identify the issues your organization is trying to solve.


Just like many other organizational issues, it is important not to design a robust and effective solution without knowing where the problems are situated. But when it comes to DE & I, many organizations jump to trainings as a knee jerk solution without putting time and effort into identifying root causes. To identify the root causes of DE & I issues, The ISG Group will collect both quantitative and qualitative data.

·Once the issues have been identified, we will implement researched based solutions that will effectively address them. 


We will choose the interventions thoughtfully, based on our research, co-create a set of impactful and sustainable interventions to address root issues. Critical to this process is partnering with multiple stakeholders within the organization. When designing strategic recommendations to provide our clients, we co-design and crowdsource every single one of them. We ensure that the solutions we are designing will directly address the concerns of all employees. 



  • Helping to achieve lasting results, through long-term planning.



DE & I work needs to be well-planned, well-executed, and monitored for success. Once we have selected your DE & I interventions, they must be implemented as part of a comprehensive strategy that includes an approach to measuring outcomes, sustainable organization-wide support, accountability, and long-term planning. 



For more information, or for a consultation contact us to assist your organization with its DE & I needs.

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